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Celebrate Raya The Smart Way With Samsung

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Raya, the season where friends and family get together and have a great time is just around the corner. To prep up their home for the season, Malaysians are all excited spring cleaning and refurnishing their homes in time for the festivities.

To make preparations more enjoyable and efficient, Samsung Malaysia Electronics is offering their 2016 line-up of smart digital home appliances. From kitchen appliances such as Samsung’s Refrigerator with Twin Cooling Plus technology and HotBlast™ Smart Oven, to home appliances such as the Triangle Room Air-conditioners (RAC) and Addwash Front Load Washers, Hari Raya open house preparations this year just got a whole lot easier!

Worry-free Laundry for Your New Baju Raya

To avoid the rush right before Raya, wash your Raya outfits ahead of time. Raya outfits are typically delicate pieces that include embroidery or elaborate beading so extra care needs to be observed when washing them. Hand-washing is best for delicate fabrics and intricate detailing but if you are pressed for time, then Samsung’s new AddWash Front Load Washer can take the load off your hands.

Programmed with gentle care settings to carefully wash any silk or satin ensembles, the AddWash washing machine uses its EcoBubble™ technology to generate powerful bubbles to remove dirt up to 40% faster than conventional dissolved detergents. The best part is – it only uses cold water so you can be sure of an optimum wash while maintaining the state of your Baju Raya and save up to 70% of energy, without the need to heat the water. Do remember to place them into a mesh bag to prevent the fragile stitching from tearing or being snagged on in the washing machine.

For those whose curtains or cushion covers are up for washing, the AddWash washing machine is just the right appliance to get the job done. Simply switch to Bubble Soak mode and the unique ecobubbles will begin its intensive stain removal. The AddWash washing machine’s huge capacity and SuperSpeed feature also lets you wash piles of curtains and cushion covers in a single load under an hour – meaning you can enjoy less time washing and more time prepping the house for visitors!

Fresh Raya Food for the Season

To serve the best Raya dishes on the block, the ingredients used have to be of the freshest quality and Samsung’s Refrigerator with Twin Cooling Plus™ technology ensures exactly that, even if the Raya grocery shopping was done weeks before the open house. The refrigerator comes with an independent twin cooling system that ensures a constant optimum humidity and temperature to keep vegetables and fruits fresh for a longer period. This new technology also prevents the cross-flow of odours, so your Rendang can maintain their savoury aroma, unhindered by any frozen seafood kept in the freezer.

This refrigerator is also available in multiple capacities, so regardless of the occasion, be it a small family dinner or an open house, there is a Samsung refrigerator suitable for your needs. Samsung refrigerators are built to be a storage haven; hence, each variation is incorporated with the Big Guard feature where door compartments are built to hold larger items.

If even more refrigerator space is required, the Samsung Refrigerators with Twin Cooling Plus™ technology has a built in smart conversion feature, so even the freezer compartment can be set to the refrigerator mode so it can also hold your fresh ingredients!

Delicious Raya Cooking for Everyone

With so many goodies to prepare for the Raya open house, the cook may find themselves pressed for time. Traditional Malay cuisine is full of flavour and in the rush to push them out to guests; we may find them lacking that signature spark. Luckily Samsung HotBlast™ Smart Oven assures that your Ayam Percik stays moist and flavoursome!

The HotBlast™ Smart Oven features the unique PowerGrill Duo that makes cooking 47% quicker than a traditional convection oven. It also comes equipped with extra wide dual heaters that radiate more powerful and consistent heat, allowing for quicker and more even grilling. So your Ayam Percik and Ikan Bakar will maintain its delicious flavour – staying crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Samsung’s Refrigerator with Twin Cooling Plus™ and HotBlast™ Smart Oven are the perfect kitchen appliances to ensure that the kitchen runs smoothly. Now you can prepare a feast for your guests this Raya without breaking a sweat!

Keeping You and Your Family Cool This Raya Season

A good Raya open house is one where guests can enjoy mouth-watering cuisine in a cool and comfortable environment. Nothing cools the room down more than Samsung’s line of Triangle Room Air-conditioners (RAC), letting everyone breeze through this year’s celebration. Samsung’s Triangle RAC features a unique and compact triangle body design and packed with new and innovative features for an extra cooling experience.

The body allows for an increased air intake and airflow, therefore producing faster and stronger winds with a more even air distribution. Your Raya guests need not wait long before they start to feel the room cool down as the Samsung Triangle RAC cools an area 43% faster than conventional RACs.

With people walking in and out, the constant usage of air-conditioners can drive up electricity bills. In response to this, Samsung developed the perfect solution and incorporated its Digital Inverter technology that automatically adjusts to the room’s temperature to fit the capacity. So no matter how many visitors there are this Raya, Samsung ensures that everyone is comfortable!

Celebrate Raya The Smart Way With Samsung

To get yourself any one of these innovative and convenient appliances, head on over to your nearest Samsung to enjoy the Great Samsung Raya Deals. From now until 31st July 2016, don’t miss out on great rebates and exciting free gifts when you furnish your home with Samsung digital home appliances this Raya! *terms and conditions apply

For more information on the Great Samsung Raya Deals, visit

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Pictures Taken By Yaman Ibrahim

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When Samsung first introduced its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge to Malaysians, one of the features that took the nation by storm is its outstanding built-in camera. Many were looking for the perfect smartphone camera to take great shots in any condition; and much to their anticipation, Samsung’s latest flagship smartphones made users rethink what they can do with it. One such fan to appreciate this remarkable camera in a smartphone is award-winning Malaysian photographer, Yaman Ibrahim, who has since begun his journey of capturing his country’s beauty with his Galaxy S7 edge.

Inspired by the holy month of Ramadhan and the customs that come along with it, Yaman embarked on a quest to uncover and showcase his unique perspective on how Malaysians celebrate Ramadhan as a prelude to the upcoming Raya festivities. Yaman, who is based in Kuala Lumpur, harnessed his interest in photography since childhood. With a deep passion in all forms of photography, his new series “Colors of Ramadhan”, all shot with the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, perfectly encapsulated the culture, practices and traditions of the Ramadhan month.

The magnificent architecture of mosque interiors as shot by Yaman Ibrahim

The captivating splendour of lights dancing at night perfectly captured by Yaman Ibrahim with his Galaxy S7 edge 

“As a Malaysian, my goal is to provide an accurate representation of what my country is to me – in all its charm and splendour. The Galaxy S7 edge really was an extension of my being and my vision. It showed me more than what I thought a phone was capable of doing and I too was pleasantly surprised by the unexpectedly amazing shots,” said Yaman Ibrahim.

This photography series has touched face on what the lead up to Hari Raya is all about – the Malaysian culture and lifestyle, the joy of gathering together, the crowd of the evening bazaars and the peacefulness of prayers.

 “When we designed the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, we wanted to ensure that it truly serves as the perfect lifestyle companion. Taking pictures during the day is great especially with sunlight as your natural lighting; however, the night holds just as much beauty. This is where the Galaxy S7 edge’s camera comes in its superior quality helps users take stunning images regardless of the time of day,” said Mr Lee Jui Siang, Vice President, IT and Mobile, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

As the world’s 1st smartphone to incorporate Dual Pixel technology, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are capable of producing photographs of DSLR quality; perfectly retaining every detail in the contrasting shades of Malay cuisine to the brilliantly intricate architecture of the mosques. So as the kids play with fireworks and sparks, the fast auto-focus means no more blurred shots when you need to take blink-of-an-eye moments!

Both front and rear cameras are also built with f1.7 lens, allowing more light in into the photo for brighter shots that essentially capture the pure absolute beauty and rich colours even under low-light conditions, making its camera performance unrivalled and one-of-a-kind. Its outstanding low-light shooting function uncovers a whole new perspective into Malaysia’s rich culture and nightlife, and like what many have said about this the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge – this game-changing smartphone never does fail to impress.

IPC Discover The Raya Blessings of Malaysia IPC Cuti-Cuti Raya

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Celebrating Raya is more than just the excitement of finding the perfect ‘baju raya’, or the joy of feasting on scrumptious food. It is a time of gratitude towards our family and friends, and towards the place we call home. This year, with the support from Tourism Malaysia, IPC Shopping Centre is expanding the word “Home” beyond the traditional wooden planks and concrete walls to the beaches, islands and tropical rainforests of Malaysia through a “Cuti-Cuti Raya” campaign from 23 June – 10 July 2016.

This unique collaboration calls us to go the distance and appreciate the natural beauty that our nation has blessed us with. The month long celebration customarily observes thousands of Malaysians travelling back to their respective hometowns for family reunions and house visitations. Most of their hometowns are only short drives away from a few vacation hotspots where families can widen their scope of Raya activities to going on a camping trip or diving into a sea of fish.

“There has been a recent trend of Malaysians travelling overseas during the Raya holiday. Little do they know, there is still so much to explore in this wonderful country we call home,” said Mr. Loh Long Chiang, IPC’s Centre Manager.

“Malaysia is covered in rainforest from the east to the west. Some relatively un- touched and well-preserved. She is surrounded by beautiful islands with clear blue waters, and she is clothed with soft sandy beaches, perfect for family picnics and outings,” he articulates.

 IPC Cuti-Cuti Raya

To inspire shoppers about the lesser known destinations in Malaysia, IPC decides to go all out in putting together an adaptation of Malaysia’s tropical landscapes. Bring out the cameras and get excited to walk through a tunnel of tropical trees, pass by colourful beach houses and read fascinating facts of selected locations such as the glowing beach of Pulau Sembilan in Perak.

Shoppers can expect many useful information of our travel destinations, admire some beautiful photos of these places in the “Rainforest Gallery”, and get assistance from travel agencies available on ground in making travel plans easy with afforda- ble tour packages.

While they’re at it, shoppers are encouraged to participate in IPC’s “Complete the Scene” contest and stand a chance to win exciting travel packages and a total of RM600 worth of shopping vouchers! How does this work? IPC will be posting 1 theme each week for 3 weeks on their Facebook and Instagram pages. All shoppers have to do is to like and follow IPC Shopping Centre on Facebook and Instagram, find the perfect spot on IPC’s “Cuti-Cuti Raya” ground setup and snap the most creative pic- ture according to the theme. Then, post it on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #IPCCutiCutiRaya and #IPCShoppingCentre. Watch out for the weekly winner announcement!

That’s not all! As an act of appreciation, IPC is offering Raya vouchers to shoppers who spend a minimum of RM300 anywhere within the centre. IPC is also giving away a limited edition 2-tier cake stand with a minimum purchase of RM800 in a single re- ceipt or a combination of two receipts within the same transaction day, while stocks last.

For the little ones, there are a variety of creative workshops such as quilling fancy Raya cards, building their very own paper terrariums, mini islands and nature friendly cars from recycled materials. This includes a special workshop on designing one of those lovely ethnic head accessories. Also, don’t miss out on the sooth sounding ‘angklung’ performances, and be sure to catch the culturally enriched “Dikir Barat” and Bornean dances lined up for the entire family to enjoy.

 IPC Cuti-Cuti Raya

“At IPC, we practice ‘edu-taining’, which is good mixture of education and enter- tainment. Besides being thankful for the different holiday sites and attractions, we also want to appreciate the very thing that makes Malaysia special, which is our diversity in food and culture. Every state has its own delicacies and practices, but not every Malaysian is aware of that and it is our desire to share and inspire the public about it,” adds Ms. Karyn Lim, Marketing Manager of IPC Shopping Centre.

Culture is not the only thing that IPC wishes to emphasive. Each section of the instal- lation includes a write up on how travelers can take part in conserving the ecosys- tem through ‘voluntourism’ – a volunteer program for tourists. Some wildlife and envi- ronmental foundations provide group and family activities so that children can be part of it. It is never too young to care for Mother Nature.
Turn this Raya into a memorable and rewarding one by going for ‘cuti-cuti’ with your family and friends, especially after all the heartfelt efforts of ‘cuci-cuci’ and ‘masak- masak’. IPC wishes everyone a joyous Raya full of warmth and gratitude. 

IPC Discover The Raya Blessings of Malaysia