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Scoot Will Fly To Berlin Germany Next Year 2018

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Scoot, Asia Pacific’s Best Low Cost Airline for four consecutive years and the low-cost arm of Singapore Airlines (SIA), plans to spread its wings to its second European and third long-haul destination – Berlin – in the second half of 2018.

The four-times-weekly Singapore-Berlin flights will be operated with Boeing 787 Dreamliners, subject to regulatory approval. Berlin will be the SIA Group’s fourth destination in Germany, after Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich, which are operated by SIA.

Scoot Will Fly To Berlin Germany Next Year 2018

Mr Lee Lik Hsin, Scoot’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “Scoot’s merger with Tigerair Singapore earlier this year has greatly strengthened our position, standing us in good stead to launch and sustain our long-haul operations. Athens has lived up to our expectations while bookings for Honolulu have been very promising. We are excited to bring our unique Scootitude to Berlin and can’t wait to launch those great value fares that Scoot is known for!” Scoot intends to launch sales for Berlin in the first quarter of 2018.

Germany is the largest economy in Europe, while Berlin is a hub within Europe for technological innovation and boasts a strong entrepreneurial and start-up culture. Berlin’s rich history is unsurpassed and it is also famed for its arts and culture, having been designated a “City of Design” by UNESCO in 2006 and included in UNESCO’s Creative Cities network.

Scoot’s current route network comprises 62 destinations across 16 countries, with services to Honolulu launching in December, and Kuantan flights commencing in February 2018. Scoot operates a fleet of 16 787 Dreamliners and 23 Airbus A320 family aircraft, with four more Boeing 787 Dreamliners and 39 Airbus A320neo aircraft on order.

Ramai Tidak Sedar Diri Sendiri Ada masalah Sakit Mental Moden

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Tekanan hidup, beban kerja yang melampau serta tidak pandai menguruskan aturan hidup seharian boleh memberikan kesan negatif kepada ramai manusia. Lebih lagi di zaman dunia teknologi tinggi ini, media sosial turut memberikan beberapa kesan negatif yang membuatkan Ramai Tidak Sedar Diri Sendiri Ada masalah Sakit Mental Moden.

Sakit Mental Moden berbeza dengan Sakit Mental Otak seperti orang tidak siuman. Jenis yang sakit mental moden sukar dikenalpasti dengan mata kasar, tetapi jika melihat kepada perilaku dan perbuatan mereka, ternyata mereka antara yang perlukan bantuan segera.

Sakit Mental Moden

masalah Sakit Mental Moden

Antara mereka-mereka yang berisiko tinggi tergolong dalam golongan Sakit Mental Moden ini ialah mereka yang mempunyai masalah rumah tangga, tekanan kerja, masalah kewangan dan banyak lagi. Jika ia tidak diuruskan dengan baik, kesan 'stress' ini akan membawa kepada masalah yang lebih rumit.

Selalunya ia bermula dengan isu yang kecil sahaja, tetapi ia tidak diuruskan dengan baik. Lama-lama ia dibiarkan, ia menjadi lebih kritikal dan isu yang semakin besar dan susah untuk di kawal.

Melihat kepada budaya masyarakat Malaysia contohnya, ditempat kerja atau dalam satu komuniti, tidak banyak yang mempraktikkan khidmat nasihat 'Kaunselor'. Ramai orang Malaysia, bersifat menyimpan masalah peribadi dan membiarkannya tanpa ada bantuan kaunseling dari pihak lain. 

masalah Sakit Mental Moden

Tidak ramai orang Malaysia yang hidup dalam persekitaran Positif. Dalam kehidupan sosial sekarang, ramai yang lebih suka hidup berpura-pura. Kita di Malaysia tidak boleh dengan statement yang 'berterus-terang' dan lebih suka menjaga hati kawan daripada bercakap benar. Kesannya, hampir setiap hari kita hidup dalam 'kepuraan' dan membiarkan yang tidak betul tanpa ada teguran.

Hasil dari tekanan sakit mental inilah yang mungkin akan menyebabkan seseorang ini cepat naik angin, suka mencaci, memaki, marah-marah, menghisap rokok, menghidu gam, masalah dadah, berjudi dan banyak lagi.

Ya, tidak ramai yang andai dalam menguruskan tekanan dalam kehidupan seharian. Sebab itu, kita memang memerlukan 'buddy' atau rakan baik untuk menjadi 'checker' dalam kehidupan seharian. Salin membantu dan menegur rakan sesama rakan akan memberikan sedikit aura positif kepada kehidupan kita.

Kesimpulannya, amati gaya hidup kita seharian dan elakkan daripada tekanan yang melampau. Setiap orang perlu mencari penyelesaian segera ke atas tekanan yang mereka hadapi supaya ia tidak merebak menjadi sesuatu yang serius. Masalah kecil nampak seperti tidak penting tetapi sebenarnya ia boleh menjadi isu besar jika tidak diatasi dengan segera.

Sesekali, cuba semak dalam diri kita sendiri, adakah kita tergolong dalam golongan Sakit Mental Moden?

Capture The Food Photography With The Samsung Galaxy J7+

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There are many things that unite Malaysians, but the one that tops the list is our love for food and our passion for capturing the beauty of our scrumptious treat to share with friends. And it doesn’t end there. Food pictures then make their way to the social sphere where they attempt to make mouths water and stomachs growl. While a handful have mastered the art of great food photography, many are still working on their dexterities to capture gorgeous food pictures.   

“Pictures in general are a great way to document memories and introduce people to new places and foods. What better way to document a great meal or catch up with old friends over “food therapy” than by taking a picture? With this in mind, we are proud to bring you the Galaxy J7+ and its fantastic dual rear camera that allows for better focus, greater depth of field and sharper clarity,” said Mr KM Liew, Head of IT & Mobile Business, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

Food Photography With The Samsung Galaxy J7+

Food Photography With The Samsung Galaxy J7+

With amateur photography on the rise and social media sharing at our fingertips, Samsung has built the ideal everyday mobile camera by popping in a second rear camera into the Galaxy J7+. The two rear cameras (13MP f1.7 + 5MP f1.9) allow for a higher level of smartphone photography; providing better focusing, a greater depth of field and sharper clarity. 

Users can also try their hand at pseudo-professional photo taking through its Live Focus photography mode. This feature allows users to adjust out-of-focus background (bokeh) effect before and after the photo has been taken – making it extremely easy to snap high-quality social-worthy photos of food trips!

Besides that, the device’s dual rear and front cameras also come with improved aperture 13MP f1.7 + 5MP f1.9 (rear), and 16MP f1.9 (front) lenses for capturing brighter and more aesthetically pleasing photos in low-light conditions. With this, the common folk can now capture delectable cuisines even in low-light conditions, be it outdoor food truck festivals or romantic candlelight dinners. 

Taking good photos of food, especially with a smartphone, is a skill to be mastered; but with a gadget as nifty as the Galaxy J7+, your mission to curate social-worthy food pictures is half accomplished. Now to collect those hearts on social media, possessing smartphone photography skills can go a long way in increasing the likeability of your pictures. If you are familiar with photography, you know that light, style, perspective, timing, quantity and quality of the subject all collectively make a great photo. These things are not much different when you photograph food with your smartphone camera.

With over six thousand spoken languages in the world; photography serves as one of the most universally understood forms of communication. Food deepens that communication, as it is something that everyone can relate to; and now we have the technology that enables us bridge the gap between our dining experiences and shared lives. The food trend is ever-evolving and with new cafes emerging in Malaysia on a regular basis, you won’t want to miss out on capturing high-quality food moments with the Galaxy J7+ to share with your friends!  For more information on the Galaxy J7+, visit